<transcy>SANTANA Đ MORA</transcy>

The brand was born in 2018 by the hand of its founder and creative director Carolina Santana de Mora, after more than 10 years in the fashion sector. In 2020, we set a new goal with a more ambitious mission: Empowering women through sustainable fashion.

" Since I was little, I remember seeing my father and grandmother designing and producing clothes in their factories in Madrid, and then distributing them throughout the country. On the other hand, my maternal family was dedicated to footwear. I grew up playing in shoe stores and folding clothes in my father's stores, so I have always been very clear that I wanted to dedicate myself to fashion and create something different and versatile that would carry my identity in each of the garments. ”.


We are committed to design, development and production in local workshops, creating unique and handcrafted products. We take care of every detail, selecting each fabric, designing each pattern with the aim of turning our pieces into a quality design. We are a timeless brand, which we produce by 'drops' in limited quantities creating exclusive models.

“When I started designing the first dresses, I wanted them to be very special. I have always thought that the way you dress speaks of yourself and allows you to expose your personality to the world. With my designs I seek to empower women to feel sure of themselves and show themselves as they are ”.


Since the launch of SANTANA Đ MORA, we believe in the importance of sustainable production, hence all production is local, limited and by 'drops', thus promoting responsible consumption.

"I am aware that these years ago we have been immersed in 'Fast Fashion', where garments are made to be" throwaway. "I seek that our production generates the least possible environmental impact. SANTANA Đ MORA, we promote the life cycle of our garments to be longer and more durable. "